Housing Assistance

Housing Assistance

Housing Assistance

As stated in Article 11 of the International Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights, the right to housing is one of the fundamental human rights. However, the vast majority of people who have been forcibly displaced due to war, civil war and natural disasters continue their lives deprived of housing.

Particularly in geographies where war or civil war dramatically change the social and economic order, people migrate to relatively safe regions in order not to risk the lives of their families and relatives. In the events affecting the whole of society such as war and civil war bring great waves of immigration, people cannot find a house to live in. In such cases, refugees have to deal with challenges such as extreme cold, wild animal attacks and infectious diseases. In most cases, refugees live under trees, in makeshift and irregular tents with challenges that are incompatible with human dignity and honor.

At the present, the vast majority of 80 million refugees around the world live under these conditions.

What Are We Doing About Housing Aid?

Beşir Association offers shelter to aid in various regions to people fleeing from inhuman conditions. These aids include not only tents/satellite cities or house construction but also a wide variety of aids within the scope of housing assistance. Among these, we provide rent aids, fuel aids (stove, coal-wood), cleaning and hygiene aids (WASH), electricity / natural gas/water bills aids for comprehensive housing assistance.

Briquette Houses

As a result of the civil war, 13.6 million people were forced to migrate. Of this number, 6.6 million are internally displaced people. Most of the IDPs live in makeshift tents that are not resistant to climate conditions. To prevent such problems, we are building briquette houses in Idlib, where the most internally displaced people are located. Our briquette houses have been building on a 40 m2 area and consist of a living room, a parent bedroom, a toilet, a bathroom, a kitchen, and a closed garden area (courtyard). Our briquette houses, where the sub-floor is insulated with concrete after filling, are designed to not be affected by adverse weather conditions in summer and winter with the upper roof made of concrete.

Our briquette houses with a 1-ton water tank were designed as a complete family space. Internally displaced families, who will meet all their needs in briquette houses, are happy to get rid of the makeshift tents they have lived for years.

Rohingya Bamboo-City

In Bangladesh, a camp for 8 thousand people was built from bamboo houses on the land allocated by the local government and allowed to build only temporary shelters in Cox Bazar. The bamboo houses have been delivered to the families. Along with the Bamboo houses, the camp area also consists of water wells that provide safe and clean water, playgrounds for children, a mosque where people can gather and pray together, and WCs and bathrooms.

Pakistan Housing Assistance

After the flood disaster in Pakistan in 2007, we built 110 permanent residences and delivered them to the disaster victims living in the region.



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