Ramadan-i Sharif, Sultan of the Eleven Months

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Ramadan-i Sharif, Sultan of the Eleven Months

Allah (s.w.t.) has chosen some days as more virtuous than others. Worships, prayers and alms given on these days are considered more acceptable and more virtuous like the worship held on Friday. Likewise, Allah (s.w.t.) chose some months more virtuous than others. The most virtuous month is Ramadan, in which worship, good deeds and prayers are valued, accepted and rewarded by Allah (s.w.t.) more than usual.

The month of Ramadan is a blessed month when mercy flows upon us, the gates of Heaven are opened wide, the gates of Hell are closed, the devil is chained and repentance is accepted.

The month of Ramadan is a month in which many material and spiritual blessings are experienced together and spiritual bliss takes precedence. Ramadan, the month of mercy, blessings and forgiveness, is the month when social solidarity among believers is at the highest, with its religious importance. Ramadan is also one of the blessed times when one can participate in financial charity activities such as zakat, fitrah, infaq.

In a hadith, our Prophet (s.a.w.) said in the month of Ramadan: "It is the month of sharing with others, and a month in which the believer’s provision is increased. If someone gives one who has been fasting something with which to break his fast it will provide forgiveness of his sins and save him from hell, and he will have a reward equal to the fasting believer's without his reward being diminished in any respect.”

Some of the Sahaba-i Kiram said, "O Messenger of Allah, we are not in a position to find something to give to the fasting person." Thereupon, the Messenger of Allah (s.a.w.) said: "Allah gives this reward to those who help them to break their fast even with a single date, a drink of water, a sip of milk."(Münziri, Et-tergib vet Tezhib, 115/2)

As the Messenger of Allah (s.a.w.) shows us in the hadith, Ramadan is the month of solidarity and remembering our brothers. The Muslims who are abstaining from eating and drinking due to fasting this month, realize and appreciate the opportunities and blessings that surround them, they also remember their brothers and sisters in need who do not have these blessings and empathize. Therefore, in Ramadan, Muslims are more eager and willing to help each other and build solidarity.

In fact, our Prophet (s.a.w.) said in another hadith, "He is not one of us, who sleeps when his neighbor is hungry."(Hakim, Müstedrek, no:7307) and he stated that these aids we need to do are actually an order of our religion.

Beşir Association, which is one of the most beautiful representatives of cooperation and solidarity in Our country and in the world, continues to help everyone in need since its establishment. The slogan "We have come to win hearts", identifies people in need wherever they may be in the world and delivers help to them to the best of our ability.

In the light of the hadith "Whoever guides someone to virtue will be rewarded equivalent to him who acts upon it." (Tirmidhi, İlm, 14), Beşir Association continues to help people in Turkey and abroad with donations from our esteemed donors and is continuously working to help people who are looking for a bite to eat, who want a sip of clean water, and who are trembling from the cold and tries to be a cure for their troubles.

Beşir Association completes its preparations for the aid that it will make during the month of Ramadan days before the start of Ramadan. In order to give some happiness to the people who are fasting during this month, who are waiting for food and rations, and children who are expecting clothing and such for the upcoming eid at the end of Ramadan.

Beşir Association provides aid in both monetary and in kind, such as food supplies, eid clothes, sacrificial meat, iftar meals, and hot meals in Ramadan as well as other months. It is our pleasure to pass on your donations and help and listen to the prayers of needy people on behalf of you, Our precious donors.

You can reach our brothers and sisters in need and put a smile on their faces by giving your zakat and charity to the Beşir Association in Ramadan as well as throughout the year.


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