Orphan Protection

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Orphan Protection

Orphan protection is a responsibility that given to us by Allah. In many ayahs and hadiths, the right of orphans and protection of orphans are stressed. Taking care of orphans which is the character and doctrine of the Prophet, constitutes one of the main issues for Muslims. The hadiths and practices of the Prophet towards orphans set an example for us Muslims in protecting the right of orphans, and we have developed a great sensitivity about orphan protection.

Today's civil wars, natural disasters, and inhumane living conditions have not only increased the number of orphans in the world but violated orphans' rights have also caused problems such as deterioration in the living conditions of orphans. However, the frequent abuse of orphans' rights has revealed the necessity to carefully consider the issue of orphan protection and to diversify and increase the activities for orphans.

According to the data provided by UNICEF, there are at least 150 million in the world. 

What Are We Doing About Orphan Protection?

We carry out activities in order to protect orphans and to ensure the rights of orphans are respected. As Beşir Association, we carry out activities that will facilitate the lives of orphans, provide them with material and moral support, and raise awareness in the society about orphan protection.

With the Orphan Protectorate project that we have implemented, we offer our donors the opportunity to supply the needs of an orphan up to the age of twelve, provided that they continue to make regular cash donations on a monthly basis.

In addition, we can also support our projects for orphans and orphan ownership by donating a desired amount to the Orphan Support Repository that we have created.

Indonesia Orphanage and Madrasa Project 

Hundreds of orphans were taken care of in the orphanage and madrasah built by our association in order to mitigate the consequences of the 2004 tsunami disaster in Indonesia.

Somalia Orphanage and School Project 

Thousands of children, women, and elderly people died before the eyes of the world due to the famine and drought that occurred in Somalia in 2011. Turkey emerged during the great famine and drought in Somalia has been one of the few countries in extending the hand of help. Beşir Association built an Orphanage and Education Complex on 22,000 m2 of land in Mogadishu, the capital city, within the scope of the Somalia Aid Campaign in 2011. The orphanage built in Somalia serves 200 orphans, and the school built together with the orphanage provides education for 500 primary and secondary school children. The Orphanage and Education Complex, which consists of sports fields and various social facilities, offers education and accommodation services to many orphans and students.

Gaza Fatima Zehra Kindergarten

The embargo and military attacks that Israel has imposed on Gaza for many years have negatively affected the lives of thousands of people living in the city. Thousands of people lost their lives as a result of the embargo and military attacks. We meet the needs of the Fatima Zehra Kindergarten, which was established by a local association we cooperate with, where orphans receive an education.

Would You Like to Support? 

By supporting our Orphan Protection project, you can contribute to our ongoing projects such as Cash Assistance, Technical Equipment Assistance, Engineering Support, Construction Support for the orphans.


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