Natural Disaster Aid

Natural Disaster Aid,Indonesia Earthquake,Lebanon Explosion

Natural Disaster Aid

Natural disasters are natural events that occur beyond the control of people, that cannot be prevented, and can cause great destruction that leads to loss of property and even life. Natural disasters can have such devastating effects that even the wealthy can suddenly find themselves in need and the less fortunate may find themselves in an even more difficult situation.

Earthquakes, floods, landslides, rock falls, avalanches, storms, tornadoes, volcanic eruptions and fires are all considered natural disasters. Natural disasters can bring economic and social life to a standstill in certain areas due to their effects on infrastructure. The first thing to prioritize during or after a natural disaster is determining the urgent needs of the people, then delivering fast and effective help to them.

Due to the empathy and sensitivity of the Turkish people, following natural disasters like the Elazığ earthquake, Giresun floods, and the İzmir earthquake, We were able to deliver humanitarian aid from the public and government to the people affected by these unfortunate events. The aid we provide prioritizes humanitarian aid packages, ration packages, shelter, fuel, drinkable water and even clothing.

Beşir Association has played an important role in the distribution of tents, heating materials, and a mobile kitchen, for the first stage of the disaster victims' needs in the Izmir Earthquake. As is commonly known, earthquakes are one of the realities of our country. Hence building earthquake resistant structures are important, just as it is important to be prepared for assistance after an earthquake. On this front, the existence of institutions and associations such as Beşir Association that provide first-response services in natural disasters corresponds to an important need in rehabilitation after an earthquake. The humanitarian aid capacity of Beşir Association in our country as well as other crises like in Syria and Lebanon is an important feature when it comes to delivering and managing aid professionally.

One of the most important situations in major calamities such as natural disasters is the swift delivery of aid. Reaching the people trapped under debris swiftly and finding the injured people as soon as possible minimizes the loss of life. Beşir Association employees and volunteers, who are trained for natural disaster relief, are always on call, waiting to be where help is needed.

The destruction brought on by natural disasters can affect many people, causing them to experience difficult situations. We at Beşir Association hope for your kind donations, to help us keep offering these valuable services to the people in need all around the globe.

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