Health Assistance

Health Assistance

Health Assistance

Many people in many regions of the world cannot access the treatment they need due to reasons such as geographical conditions, financial difficulties, and lack of infrastructure.

The geographical conditions cause difficulty for the treatment, also risks the lives of millions as the main reason for some diseases. Climate characteristics prevailing in many geographical regions create difficulties that will directly affect health such as water scarcity, drought, and collapse of infrastructure systems. Lack of water resources creates difficulties in meeting basic hygiene needs. However, diseases such as cholera, typhoid, dysentery, malaria have occurred. Thus, this situation is not only endangering individuals but also the community as well. 

In addition to the diseases caused by the lack of water, the respiratory illness caused by the polluted air causes thousands of people to lose their lives every year in the world. 
Malnutrition is also one of the main causes of health problems in the world. Acute illness due to malnutrition causes serious life-threatening problems for people. For more information, You can check our food aid activities. 

Financial difficulties prevent people from accessing the treatment they need. Because social state understanding is not developed yet in many countries, financial impossibilities can be an obstacle for the people, even for the most urgent and fundamental health problems.

What kind of Activities Does Beşir Association Carry out For Health Assistance?

The importance of hygiene and cleanliness has been understood again with the Covid-19 pandemic, which was effective on a global scale, started in 2020. During the pandemic period, both the World Health Organization and the health ministries of various countries often emphasized that hygiene and cleanliness played a vital role in preventing the pandemic. The consequences of the problems that exist in areas with hygiene problems of the Covid-19 pandemic have been riveted many times, multiplying the severity of the emerging diseases. 

As Beşir Association, we are aware of the importance of hygiene and health in personal and community life. Also, we carry out a series of activities aimed at preventing diseases and treating existing diseases. Beşir Association carries out the following activities in the scope of health assistance:

- Cataract surgery, 
- Prosthetic assistance,
- Hearing aid assistance,
- Wheelchair aids,
- Guidance,
- Examination and treatment,
- Medical equipment assistance 
- Construction of Medical Facilities and renovation assistance
- Fight against Drug addiction.

Would You Like to Support?

You can support health assistance activities with your donations to prevent diseases that cause deaths.   


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