Food Aid

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Food Aid

Food is one of the most basic human needs. Adequate and healthy nutrition is important for each person young or old, in order to survive and to be healthy. While some people live in abundance and comfort, some people may need as little as a morsel of food.

Whether we are aware or not, there are many people who don't even have basic needs, living in poverty due to many different reasons like illness, old age, lack of caretaker, natural disasters, and wars in their countries. They need a helping hand in order to survive, even if that helping hand only extends a morsel of food.

Our Prophet (s.a.v) said, "Whosoever sleeps with a full stomach while their neighbor is hungry is not one of Us.” (Hakim, Müstedrek, no: 7307), and emphasized that we should help everyone around Us who need food aid and informed Us how important this is.

According to the statements of the World Health Organization (WHO), approximately 800 million people are below the hunger line and are in need of food aid. According to reports, the daily amount of wasted bread in Turkey is about 4.3 million units. Likewise, the waste made in other foods and items is astronomical.

This situation shows us that it is possible to supply the food needs of all hungry people with one of third of the food waste in the world. People in need of food aid are forced to consume unhealthy foods because they cannot provide for themselves. In addition, some people who are pushed to extremes due to lack of honest ways to provide for themselves and their family end up leaving their honest way of life and Islamic values; choosing a life of crime, losing more than just health, also losing Our Creators approval.

Beşir Association, with the help of Our esteemed donors, investigates and finds people in need of food nationally and internationally, providing family ration packs, shopping vouchers, warm meals, meats, bread, milk and baby food. Beşir Association routinely delivers help to those in need that reside in Turkey and after investigating which regions require the most help at the time, send provisions to those regions.

If you would like to be a part of our or work in helping the world become a better place and to help the less fortunate have a little relief from their grievances, please consider donating to our organization.

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