Educational Assistance

Educational Assistance

Educational Assistance

Although the right to education is one of the fundamental human rights which is also included in various international human rights documents, thousands of children in many parts of the world cannot access education.

Many students live financially dependent on their families and relatives. While continuing their education, students can make concessions from their education life due to their financial difficulties and apply to part-time jobs to create an additional source of income. In many studies conducted today, it has been revealed that students whose education life is supported by scholarships are much more successful. Scholarships and financial assistance play an important role in eliminating the problems faced by students in their education life.

Thousands of school-aged children in many parts of the world are partially or completely deprived of education due to reasons such as civil wars, economic instability, and unfavorable climatic conditions. This not only causes the relevant country to be deprived of qualified human resources but also causes school-aged children to be manipulated by regional and international terrorist organizations or criminal organizations.

However, education constitutes one of the basic conditions for acquiring and developing professional skills, producing high value-added products, and solving the problems caused by the economy and politics. The support provided through scholarships and nourishes and reinforces the educational process.

What Kind of Educational Assistance Does Beşir Association Do?

Being aware of the role of education in the development of individuals and society, Beşir Association offers various educational assistance to students. The students who continue their education at Primary, Secondary Education, High School, Undergraduate, Postgraduate and Doctorate levels can reach:

- Cash scholarship aids,
- Educational equipment and material aids,
- Transportation aids,
- Abroad education aids are provided.

Besides, we build schools, dormitories, and orphanages in destitute regions in the world.

Beşir Association cooperates with partners that are specialized and institutionalized in this field while performing their educational support and activities. We have implemented many projects in the field of education with the Youth Education and Culture Confederation (GENÇ-KON) and its members, with which we have a strategic partnership. Beşir Association provides scholarship assistance within the framework of this cooperation through GENÇ-KON. Scholarship applications are made on the GENÇ-KON website.

Would You Like to Support?

Any support education will significantly change a student's life. If you want to support the educational life of a student through Beşir Association, you can click here.


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