Corona Pandemic Support Project

Corona Pandemic Support Project

Coronavirus Pandemic

After the first cases have been seen in China, the COVID-19 pandemic has affected the whole. Also, it has caused dramatic changes in the lives of many people. Since the beginning of the pandemic, the importance of hygiene, masks, and distance has been emphasized. Many health experts and health organizations have stated that the effect of the pandemic has been broken to a great extent with hygiene, mask, and distance rules.

What Have We Done During the Coronavirus Pandemic?

Once the Covid-19 pandemic appeared, Beşir Association started to carry out its activities towards fighting against the pandemic. We have supported families who are registered in our system in various fields.

Hygiene Packages

We have assisted those who are in need to support them to take hygiene measures against the pandemic. Along with the food and basic needs packages that we distribute every month, we also distribute the hygiene package that people will need during the pandemic, especially when there was a serious deprivation of masks and sanitizers.

Support for Citizens Over 60 Years Old

We have supported people over 60 years old and with chronic illnesses, together with our representatives to meet their basic needs without leaving home by visiting them regularly and bringing them what they need.

Food Support

In the fight against coronavirus, good nutrition is one of the most important factors that increase the body's resistance. For this reason, we are enriching the content of the general food package for our families registered in the system. By giving the 2-month basic aid package early, we ensure that families are well supplied.

Cash Support

Since the pandemic has caused large unemployment, Beşir Association began to enlarge the scope of its cash assistance for those who in need. The people who become unemployed during the pandemic are benefited from the cash assistance within the scope of social assistance activities of the Beşir Association.



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