Blood Brothers

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Blood Brothers

“Blood Brothers” is a blood donation campaign whose main aim is to encourage people to save others’ lives and raise awareness of health emergencies.

Since blood is needed in sudden emergencies, it is important to stock the blood through campaigns with the object of responding to the health urgencies quickly and effectively. 
Even though the blood donation rate is quite high in Turkey, the blood donated in a year does not meet the required amount.

With the aim of support and encourage society for blood donation, Beşir Association cooperates with the Turkish Red Crescent, the only institution entitled to receive blood donations in Turkey.

How the Campaign Functions?

In the first step, we created an online platform that people can register. Approximately thirty thousand volunteers registered to the platform and began to make blood donations. Secondly, Volunteers are called for blood donation once a four-month, including those who have rare blood type. Thirdly, the volunteers meet at a pre-determined location to make a blood donation.

Till the end of 2020, we performed 346 blood donation activities in which 115.436 units of blood are received.



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