Beşir Youth

Beşir Youth

Beşir Youth is a body/project of the Beşir Association that enables young people to actively participate in volunteering activities. By doing so, we encourage young people to take part in volunteering activities and to raise awareness of the social problems. Up to 2021, the young people were included in various activities in the direction of this purpose such as humanitarian assistance, working with refugees and volunteering for street animals, iftar and qurban organizations and so on.

Beşir Association also includes young people in its international activities. For example, young people are invited to join our humanitarian assistance activities in Africa, Eastern Asia and the Balkans in order to make them get conscious of the humanitarian approach.

Together with young people, we are fighting against drug addiction to hand over the world to healthy generations. We encourage projects and activities that aim to minimalize drug addiction and support young people who are in recovery from addiction. We also conduct projects and activities that make them included in social life. 

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