Our Mission and Vision


Our Mission

-To address the grievances that arise as a result of conditions such as natural disasters, climate-related problems, famine and drought, economic instability, and forced migration

-Providing food, shelter, clothing, education, hygiene, search and rescue and development assistance to those in need, regardless of religion, language, race, gender, and ethnicity

-To support, encourage and implement sustainable development initiatives in economically underdeveloped or developing regions

-To support, encourage and implement non-formal and vocational education projects to realize sustainable development 

-To be involved quickly and comprehensively in unexpected and sudden negative emergencies such as natural disasters

-Providing shelter, food, and clothing aid to displaced persons

-To provide the most appropriate assistance concept to those in need by taking into account the regional and human conditions

-To act on the basis of transparency and accountability in the aids we offer to the service of humanity 

-Keeping respect for people, nature, and animals at the center while operating

Our Vision 

-Bringing the help they need to the people in need in any part of the world until the humanitarian aid organizations are no longer needed

-Expanding all of our current activities to all regions of the world 

-To make the regions in need of humanitarian aid self-sufficient in the first stage and exporting regions in the second stage

-To ensure that nobody is sad because they cannot meet their needs, to "make hearts" in all corners of the world