As a term of Islamic law, nafilah refers to a set of prayers that are neither fard nor wajib, a Muslim performs it by his own will. Along with getting intimate with Allah, the purpose of the nafilah prayer is to gain the consent of Allah. This kind of prayer can be performed either physically or by wealth. As Nafilah Qurbani, it is one kind among the numerous nafilah prayers.


What is Nafilah Qurbani?

In addition to fard and wajib prayers, the prayers performed to gain the consent of Allah and the Jannah are called nafilah prayers. These prayers are effective in getting intimate with Allah in terms of spirituality. One of these nafilah prayers is nafilah qurbani. By distributing the vain qurbani meat to the needy, it is ensured that they make their faces laugh.


Why an Animal Performs as Nafilah Qurbani?

Qurbani other than fard or wajib is called nafilah qurbani. Muslims who want to get intimate with Allah (c.c.) and obtain his consent by qurbani as a nafilah prayer.


Who Can Benefit from the Qurbani Meats?

Anyone can benefit from the qurbani meats including the donors and his family. Since the purpose of the nafilah qurbani is to gain the consent of Allah, the meats can also be distributed to those who are needy. People can perform their qurbani by themselves, or they can give their wakalet to someone who can perform the qurbani too.


Can a Nafilah Qurbani be Donated?

As in other types of qurbani, people can donate their nafilah qurbani through humanitarian aid organizations by giving their wakalet.


Where Does Beşir Association Deliver the Donations?

We are bringing your nafilah qurbani donations, which you will make through Beşir Association, together with those in need in our heartland. With your donations of nafilah qurbani, you can cheer the tables of homes that have not had meat all year long, and thus, you can receive the pray of those who are far away from you.


How to Donate Nafilah Qurbani via Beşir Association?

Those who want to donate nafilah qurbani via Beşir Association can make their donations online through credit cards by visiting;


How Much is a Share?

Our association performs the qurbani organization under the supervision of veterinarians and experts. Nafilah qurbani donations are carried out in full compliance with Islamic rules just like other qurbani donations. The meats of nafilah qurbani are distributed to those who are needy, students and to the madrasahs. For 2021, the determined price for a nafilah qurbani is 1300 TL / 155 $ / 130 €.


Does Beşir Association Provide Footage of the Nafilah Qurbani?

In the nafilah qurbani donations that you made via Beşir Association, you will receive the instant informative e-mail as soon as your donation is performed. Besides, once your donation is performed, you will be received the video footage as well. You can also receive the video footage by logging in to our web portal: