Our March Activities

Beşir Association succeeded in taking its place in hundreds of thousands of hearts with the activities it carried out for needy people both in Turkey and outside of Turkey during March.


As Beşir Association, we caused hundreds of thousands of people to laugh with our efforts for thousands of needy people from different languages, different races and different geographies throughout March. With the support and assistance that we carried out; we were able to spend another month full of humanitarian aids.


Food Assistance

As Beşir Association, we produced a total of 737,835 pita-type loaves of bread in March for those who are in immediate need. In addition to our daily bread production, we produced 81 thousand table d'hote hot meals in our soup kitchens.  All of our bread and hot food productions were delivered to people who live in difficult circumstances, particularly in Syria and Bangladesh.


Basic Humanitarian Assistance

As Beşir Association, we have succeeded in reaching people in need thanks to our supporters. Beşir Association met the basic humanitarian needs of 20,780 people in total in March alone. Thousands of products, including basic human necessities such as food, clothing, cleaning and fuel, helped meet the needs of the needy in March.


Beşir Support Card

21,165 people in total have met their needs by shopping with the Beşir Support Card that we offer in order to enable families in need to make more qualified shopping.

Water Wells

Beşir Association drills water wells in various geographies to meet the clean and safe water needs of people. Beşir Association drilled 67 new water wells in total in March. A total of 36,903 people started to benefit from these 67 water wells that drilled in March.



You can contribute to all these works carried out by Beşir Association through the online donation section on our website.


Our March Activities

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