Our Iftar Organization in Arakan Camps Continues

The humanitarian assistance carried out by the Beşir Association for the people of Arakan who fled their countries due to the persecution and oppression they faced in Myanmar continues. Our association continues to stand by the people of Arakan with iftar organizations since the first day of Ramadan.


As Beşir Association, our aid activities to Arakan camps continue in Cox Bazar, Bangladesh. As part of the Arakan Aid Campaign, we continue to organize iftar meals for the people of Arakan throughout the month of Ramadan.


These days when access to the camps is severely restricted due to the pandemic conditions and other difficult processes, the need for basic necessities of the people in Arakan camps has increased much more.


You Can Also Support Arakan Aid Campaign

You can also contribute to the Arakan Aid Campaign organized by our Association for Arakan Muslims struggling to survive in the camps in Bangladesh. You can also support the work done by Beşir Association for the Arakanese people by clicking the Arakan Aid Campaign option in the online donation section on our website.


Our Iftar Organization in Arakan Camps Continues