Briquette House Project

According to the data of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, as a result of the civil war that started in Syria in 2011, at least 12.2 million Syrians had to leave their homes and migrate to safe areas. Half of the 12.2 million people, 6.6 million people were internally displaced.


In recent years, a refugee flow has occurred in the city of Idlib, located in the northwest of the country, as a result of the intensification and intensification of the conflicts within the country. Currently, the vast majority of the internally displaced Syrian refugees live in the city of Idlib under inhumane conditions in wooded areas and makeshift tents.


To allay the challenges stemming from the shelter problem, Beşir Association has been building briquette houses. The project aims to meet the 7,500-people housing needs in the Killi region of Idlib.


As the Bashir Association, after the beginning of the civil war in Syria, we actively started to work in the region through two Syrian Coordination centers in Kilis and Reyhanlı. With our logistics warehouses, soup kitchens, and bakeries, we help the victims of war both in our country and in the camps at the border. At the same time, we help the victims of war to meet their needs just like shopping at a market with the Jarablus social market. Besides, we regularly provide food and WASH aid to the region.


Qualifications of the Briquette Houses

Briquette houses have been building on a 40 m2 area and consist of a living room, a parent bedroom, a toilet, a bathroom, a kitchen, and a closed garden area (courtyard). Our briquette houses, where the sub-floor is insulated with concrete after filling, are designed to not be affected by adverse weather conditions in summer and winter with the upper roof made of concrete.


Our briquette houses with a 1-ton water tank were designed as a complete family space. Internally displaced families, who will meet all their needs in briquette houses, are happy to get rid of the makeshift tents they have lived for years.


341 of our briquette houses, which were designed as 3 stages of construction, have been completed and delivered to families in need of a safe shelter. In the project, which is aimed to increase the number of briquette houses to 1500 by the end of 2022, 7,500 people will benefit from safe housing.


Would You Like To Support Briquette House Project?

You can support our briquette house campaign which is sadaqah jariyah (continuous charity), and help the people who face challenges to find a shelter.  Along with the “online donation” option on our website, you can also deposit your donations to our currency accounts in the various banks. You can reach our currency accounts by clicking here.


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