What is Beşir Support Card?

Beşir Support Card is a social card that is issued by Beşir Association for those in need. People who are in need can shop and benefit from service discounts from the institutions and organizations that our association has contracted with. Beşir Association, which offers physical and online shopping opportunities with the Beşir Support Card, enables needy people to have the products that they need, rather than giving them standard aid packages.


What Does Beşir Support Card Do?

The Beşir Support Card enables those in need to make purchases easily and quickly and to benefit from some services for free or discounts. With the Beşir Support Card issued by our association, people in need can easily buy the products they need with a wide range of products from supermarket chains or e-stores that we have agreements with. Besides, Beşir Support Card has kept its scope not only by purchasing basic necessities but also by using it in an important field such as health.


People with Beşir Support Card can benefit from free or discounted services in the contracted hospitals.


To whom the Beşir Support Card is issued?

The Beşir Support Card covers all those in need who have applied for assistance to the Beşir Association and are deemed to be in need as a result of the social examination. Beşir Support Cards issued by Beşir association to the needy are available for use within a limit given to them as a result of their social examination. People with Beşir Support Card can benefit from all the advantages of this card.


Which Products Can / Can not be Purchased with Beşir Support Card?

 With the Beşir Support Card, people in need can buy food, clothing, cleaning, fuel, etc. Such basic needs can be met through the institutions and organizations contracted by Beşir Association without paying any fee. Additionally, Beşir Support Card allows those in need to benefit from some services at a discount. Alcohol, tobacco, and tobacco products, electrical and electronic devices, white appliances, furniture, etc. cannot be purchased by Beşir Support Card. The list of institutions and organizations where people in need can shop with the Beşir Support Card and benefit from free or discounted services will be announced soon.


What is the Validity Period of Beşir Support Card?

Beşir Support Card is valid within the period defined by Beşir Association for the people in need. If the assistance period expires, the Beşir Support Card given to the needy will no longer be valid.


Beşir Support Card Donation

By donating the Beşir Support Card developed by Beşir Association you can support families in need and support our Support Card project. Your zakat, fuel, clothing, and food donations will be evaluated within the scope of the Beşir Support Card.  You can make your donations through our bank accounts on our https://www.besir.org.tr/banka-hesap-numaralari page. Additionally, you can use our online donation page at https://www.besir.org.tr/online-bagis