Food Banking

Food Banking,Humanitarian Aid,Promotion Activities

What is the Purpose of Food Banking?

The purpose of the Food Banking system is to bring the citizens who are facing economic problems and the producers together. It acts as a bridge in line with the demands of those in need with the producers and the service sector with surplus food, cleaning products, clothing, fuel materials that cannot be put on the market for various reasons.

Documents to be Organized by the Donors

The invoice, which will include all the information regarding the donated property, will be issued on behalf of the donated association or foundation. As the cost of the goods, the cost of the goods subject to donation (excluding the value-added tax) will be written on the invoice. In the invoice, "VAT is not calculated as it is donated on condition of aid to the needy. It is mandatory to include the phrase.

Documents to be issued by Beşir Association

Associations and foundations will prepare the documents stipulated by their legislation and give a sample to the donors. Invoices issued by those dealing with commercial activities will be kept by the association and foundation.

How Will It Be Displayed In The Registration Order And Declarations?

In the case of the donation of goods included in the commercial enterprise, the cost of these goods (Republic of Turkey) is recorded as an expense within the framework of Article 40 of the Income Tax Law. This process is carried out by recording the invoice both as income and expense. If the donated items are not included in the business, the cost of the mentioned goods (including VAT) will be written in the part of the annual declaration regarding donations and aids within the framework of Article 89 of the Income Tax Law and will be considered as a discount in determining the income tax base.

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