Charity Market

The charity market where money is not accepted utilizes a system similar to food stamps. This project is implemented by Beşir Association for the people of the displaced and needy region in Syria. Within the project in question, thousands of people in need can access the products they need quickly and easily every year. The charity market allows purchasing goods with points appointed to them according to their level of poverty or need.


In this way, These people can access products that are not included in the aid packages. These packages do not contain frequently needed products such as baby diapers and clothing products. Furthermore, there are no fruits, vegetables or milk products that can quickly rot or decay in the standard-set aid packages. In addition to these, consumption habits may vary from region to region and people to people. For such reasons, people in need can find the product they need in the charity markets.


Currently, there are many products in the charity markets in Jarablus and Azez in Syria, from dry food to meat and dairy products, from clothing to hygiene products.


How Does the charity market Function?

The local authorities in the Jarablus and Azez cities send us the list of the people in urgent need. Mainly, those people who live in refugee camps with destitute conditions. Once they are granted the shopping opportunity in these charity markets, they regularly visit the charity market and get the products they need within the shopping limit defined for them.


The products available in the charity markets are selected taking into account the human geography, consumption habits, climate, and culture of the region and presented to the disposal of those in need. The products in the charity market cover a wide range of products and are updated in regular periods.


The charity market is projected that takes human honor and dignity at its center. People can access most of the products they need without being offended within the scope of the charity market project.


Would You Like to Support?

You can also support our charity market project by donating, and extend your hand to those in need.