A major drought and famine occurred in Somalia due to a significant decrease in precipitation in 2010 and 2011. Severe humanitarian crises occurred in many parts of Somalia as a result of the famine. Thousands of people could not get enough food as a result of food shortages. Again, due to water scarcity, agriculture and animal husbandry, which are the main economic livelihoods of the country, came to a halt, thousands of acres of agricultural crops and tens of thousands of animals were destroyed.


Although the severe drought in 2011 was over, its effects still continue. Currently, 70% of families in the country do not have access to clean and safe water. In addition, diseases due to water deficiency, animal deaths, and harvest losses are still a problem in Somalia. In addition to the lack of water and food in the country, the activities of various terrorist organizations in Somalia are exacerbating the humanitarian crisis. There is no stable political and economic life in Somalia, where terrorist activities such as bomb attacks and child abduction take place frequently.


What Does Beşir Association Do for Somalia?
Somalia Food Aids

We distribute food packages in Somalia as part of our aid efforts to meet the monthly basic food needs of families in need.


Somalia Orphan Relief Activities

There are thousands of orphans in Somalia, where many people lost their lives due to terror, disease, and hunger. We have implemented an orphanage and school project where orphans in Somalia will receive an education that will enable them to look to the future with hope.


In 2011, Beşir Association opened the orphanage and school building with a 63-person capacity. In addition, we completed the education complex with a 500-student capacity school, an orphanage with a capacity of 200 people, sports grounds, dining hall, laundry room.  a Mosque was added in its garden on a 22 thousand m2 land allocated to the Beşir Association by the Mogadishu government in 2017.


Qurbani Performs in Somalia

We regularly make qurbani perform in Somalia and distribute them to families in need, as part of the qurbani perform organizations we organize with the meat shares you donated to the Beşir Association.


Somalia Water Wells Project

A large part of Somalia is struggling with drought. For this reason, as Beşir Association, we are drilling wells to meet the need for clean and safe drinking water in Somalia.


Somalia Ramadan Activities

We are working hard to share the blessings of Ramadan, the month of barakah, with our brothers and sisters on earth. With your donations, we distribute food packages, clothes and set up iftar tables. We deliver your fitrah and zakat to those in need.



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