Food Parcel and Basic Needs

Food materials prepared in the form of packs and boxes are called food parcels. The food parcels give effective results in disaster areas, conflict areas, and regions where natural disaster damages the food supply.


Beşir Association is efforting to meet the food needs of the people throughout the world during the year. Especially with the abundance of sharing in the spiritual atmosphere of the month of Ramadan, we, as Beşir Association, continue to increase the distribution of food parcels.


Why Are The Food Parcels Distributed?

Millions of people cannot meet their food needs as a result of forced migration, mass migration, military conflicts, natural disasters, and famine problems. For this reason, a non-governmental organization reaches people in need in a wide geography from Latin America to Southeast Asia and we try to meet their basic food needs.

Priority regions in food parcel assistance; regions under natural disasters or military conflict, countries with low welfare, countries with dense refugee populations; such as Syria, Rohingya Muslims and Yemen.


How Much Do Food Parcels and Hygiene Kits Cost?

You can also support the food parcels that Beşir Association delivers to all needy by donating. The donation amount of food and basic necessities, which are rich in content, is 200 TL / 25 $ / 21 €.


How Can I Donate Food Parcels and Basic Supplies?

You can make your food and basic necessities donations via online donation, telephone, our representative offices, or digital banking transfer. You can make your online donations by clicking on the food and basic necessities item in the online donation section of the Beşir Association website, as well as by calling our +90 216 375 40 42 phone number or by digital banking services to the account numbers on our website. you can reach. You can also make donations to our association in return for a receipt through our representatives.