What is Adaq Qurbani?

An adaq refers to a debt that is undertaken by making a promise (oath) to Allah, which corresponds to an act which is defined as fard or wajib in Islam although it was neither fard nor wajib before that promise. Once the promise was given, it becomes a wajib for the relevant person to fulfill his/her promise.


Since the performing qurbani is wajib in Islam, it is possible to have an adaq to perform qurbani too. This is called “Adaq Qurbani”. If a Muslim promise to perform qurbani with or without a condition, then it becomes wajib upon the relevant person. By performing this qurbani, the Muslim perform his promise that he made to Allah.


What Does Adaq mean?

The word adaq is originated in Turkish regarding etymology. This word corresponds to the word “Nezr” in Arabic.


The Conditions for the Adaq Qurbani

It is obligatory to meet certain conditions for adaq qurbani. Firstly, the same eligibility criteria with Aid el-Adha sacrifices is also applied for adaq qurbani. Therefore, the animal which is chosen for adaq qurbani must be at a certain age. The cows have to be at least two years old, while this age limit is one year for the sheep.


Which Animals Cannot Be Adaq Qurbani?

The conditions to perform adaq qurbani are mainly related to the animal’s health and plumpness. If the animals are not healthy and well-fed, it is not valid to perform them as adaq qurbani. For this reason, along with the skinny and sick animals, animals with more than half of their ears and tail are cut, animals with deeply broken horns, and the animals whose balls are cut off cannot be qurbani.


Where the Beşir Association Perform Adaq Qurbani?

As Beşir Association, we have been performing qurbani organizations in Turkey and abroad. The adaq donations that are made to our association are performed in the best location available afterward the feasibility searches of our expert team. Since the adaq is performed in the urgently needed locations, Beşir association does not accept conditional donations. The sacrifice operations that we have carried out in various regions of our heartland from Africa to Asia are determined according to the urgent need after our feasibility and negotiations with our partner institutions.


When the Donated Adaq is Sacrificed?

Beşir Association completes the qurbani organizations' process for the adaq donations in a maximum of 2 months for reasons such as the feasibility searches before the qurbani organization, the security situation of the country to be visited, the pandemic conditions, and the selection of animals in full compliance with Islamic rules. Of course, 2 months is the maximum period. Your adaq donations can be sacrificed in a shorter time, in case you give wakalat to our association for the qurbani process.


How to Make Adaq Qurbani Donation via Beşir Association?

Those who want to donate adaq qurbani via Beşir Association can make their donations online through credit cards by visiting; www.besir.org.tr


How Much is a Share?

Our association performs the qurbani organization under the supervision of veterinarians and experts. Adaq qurbani donations are carried out in full compliance with Islamic rules just like other qurbani donations. The meats of adaq qurbani are distributed to those who are needy, students and to the madrasahs. For 2021, the determined price for an adaq qurbani is 1300 TL / 155 $ / 130 €.

Does Beşir Association Provide Footage of the Adaq Qurbani?

In the adaq qurbani donations that you made via Beşir Association, you will receive the instant informative e-mail as soon as your donation is performed. Besides, once your donation is performed, you will be received the video footage as well. You can also receive the video footage by logging in to our web portal: www.besir.org.tr