What is Fitrah?

Fitrah is a sadaqah that Muslims who are considered rich in Islam must give before Eid prayer, before the end of the month of Ramadan to the poor and needy Muslims. The needs of those are providing with this fitrah, which is one of the prayers that are wajib to be done during the month of Ramadan. In this way, the bond of brotherhood between Muslims is strengthened and the feelings of unity and society are reinforced. By giving your fitrah, you can share the blessings of the month of Ramadan with the poor and orphans, and thus, Muslims will have the chance to share blessings and feel the abundance of solidarity throughout Ramadan.


How Much is The Amount of Fitrah in 2021?

The amount of fitrah for Turkey is updated and announced every year by the Directorate of Religious Affairs of Turkey. The amount of fitrah determined by the Presidency of Religious Affairs for 2021 is 28 TRY. This figure corresponds to the monetary equivalent of the minimum daily food requirement of a person in our country in 2021. Thus, the amount of fitrah cannot be less than 28 TRY for 2021. But this amount is the minimum amount. People can give more than this too. This amount is determined for Turkey. Every Muslim should give their fitrah according to their countries' fitrah amount.


How The Amount of The Fitrah is Determined?

The amount of fitrah is updated every year and announced annually. The Directorate of Religious Affairs determines a figure equal to the monetary value of a person's minimum daily food need. The Directorate of Religious Affairs calculates and determines the number foreseen for a person's daily feeding as the amount of fitrah for the relevant year.


Is it Possible to Give The Fitrah to More Than One Person?

Although it is possible to give fitrah to more than one person, there are a few things to which people should pay attention. First of all, if you want to give fitrah to more than one person, the fitrah cannot be less than the cost of one fitrah in the relevant year. In other words, if you give fitrah to more than one person, the price of fitrah you gave to one person should not be less than 28 TRY.


Who Can Give The Fitrah?

Giving fitrah, which is wajib, must be done by every Muslim who is regarded as rich by Islam. The concept of rich in Islam also corresponds to the people's wealth reaching the nisab amount. To be regarded as rich in Islam, the wealth of one must be equal to nisab amount or more than that.


When The Fitrah Should be Given?

Giving fitrah is one of the prayers that are wajib to be done in Ramadan. It is wajib to give the fitrah between the fajr prayer and the Salat al-Eid on Eid al Fitr's first day. However, it can be given to poor people once the month of Ramadan started. Giving fitrah before eid is more suitable for people in need to share the abundance and excitement of the eid al Fitr.


How to Give Fitrah?

Although the fitrah given to poor people can be handed over personally, it is also possible to give fitrah in various ways. It is possible to donate fitrah through associations, institutions, and organizations engaged in humanitarian aid activities in Turkey and abroad. With Beşir Association, you can reach the needy people in various regions of the world and receive dua from the poor people whom they never meet their donors.


How Can I Donate the Fitrah Through Beşir Association?

You can donate your fitrah to needy people all over the world through the Beşir Association reliably and easily. You can click on the fitrah option in the online donation section of our website to deliver your fitrah to poor people.

Additionally, you can also send your fitrah donation to the bank account numbers of the Beşir Association. You can find the bank account numbers in the “Bank Accounts” section on our website. While donating your Fitrah, please do not forget to write “Fitrah” in the description.