What is Shukr Qurbani?

Shukr refers to being grateful to Allah in acknowledgment of the felicity granted by him. As a matter of fact, the virtue of being grateful is emphasized many times in the Quran. Being grateful can be done verbally, or it can be done through some prayers just like sujood ash-shukr. The shukr qurbani is one of the prayers that can be done to be grateful in acknowledgment of the felicity that Allah has granted to us. Muslims perform shukr qurbani when they achieve something that they desired or when the pray that they had done realized.


Why Shukr Qurbani is Carried Out?

The shukr qurbani is performing for reasons such as an auspicious event that happened to people or getting rid of a bad situation. For example, as thank for surviving a bad situation, someone who survived a serious traffic accident can perform shukr qurbani. With the shukr qurbani, both the person shows his gratitude to Allah and distributes the meat to the needy families, thus he/she can receive their pray.


Who Can Be Benefited From Shukr Qurbani?

Anyone can benefit from the qurbani meats including the donors and his family. As a matter of fact, by performing the donation of shukr qurbani, people can share their shukr qurbani with people in need. With the shukr qurbani donation, the tables of the needy people can be cheered in many different places and their prays can be received.


How to Make a Donation for Shukr Qurbani?

Those who want to donate shukr qurbani via Beşir Association can make their donation online through credit cards by visiting our website; www.besir.org.tr


How Much is a Share?

Our association performs the qurbani organization under the supervision of veterinarians and experts. Shukr qurbani donations are carried out in full compliance with Islamic rules just like other qurbani donations. The meats of shukr qurbani are distributed to those who are needy, students and to the madrasahs. For 2021, the determined price for a shukr qurbani is 1300 TL / 155 $ / 130 €.


Does Beşir Association Provide Footage of the Shukr Qurbani?

In the shukr qurbani donations that you made via Beşir Association, you will receive the instant informative e-mail as soon as your donation is performed. Besides, once your donation is performed, you will be received the video footage as well. You can also receive the video footage by logging in to our web portal: www.besir.org.tr