Food and Basic Necessities Distribution in Gaza

Distribution of Food Parcels and Basic Necessities in Gaza

The aid campaigns carried out by Beşir Association throughout the month of Ramadan continue to feed the souls of people in various regions of our heartland. Lastly, our association has already made it possible for the needy people of Gaza to have a happy and peaceful Ramadan by distributing food parcels and basic supplies in Gaza.


Palestine Aid Campaign Continues

The charity work of the Bashir Association for the Palestinian people continues. We continue to help the Palestinian people heal their wounds with humanitarian assistance that is carried out within the scope of the Palestine Aid Campaign. Despite the pandemic conditions, Beşir Association continues to deliver the donations made by our donors for the Palestinian people.


You can make donations to Beşir Association’s Palestine Aid Campaign easily and reliably with online donations. In order to support the Palestine Aid Campaign of Beşir Association, you can send us any amount of donations you want from the online donation section of our association’s website.

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Food and Basic Necessities Distribution in Gaza

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